Shocking: Kannada Actress Sanjana Galrani uncensored video leaked from Dandupalya 2

 Actress Sanjana Galrani uncensored video leaked

 A scene of the Kannada movie 'Dandupala 2' has been leaked recently, in which there are some nude scenes of actress Sanjana Galarani. This video is becoming increasingly viral. Let me tell you that earlier this scene was to be in the film, but after the Regional Censor board's objection, it was removed from the film. Some people say that all this has gone deliberately for publicity stunts.

Sanjana cleans up ...

Actress Sanjana says that it is all lies that if the film is already doing well in the theater, then we do not need such publicity stunts. Srinivas Raju, the director of the film, is currently out, after his return, we will talk on this matter.

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